Code of Ethics

Approved March, 2004

traac student networking night 20130928 1347426209The Therapeutic Recreation Association of Atlantic Canada membership will endorse and practice the following principles.

Professional Virtues
Professionals act with integrity, protecting and promoting commitment to their service. Professionals act honestly through complete, accurate and clear communications. They do not misrepresent themselves or the profession. In the practice of fairness, intent and implications of service are explained and services/resources are used equitably and conscientiously. Professionals maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills through educational opportunities and maintain certification as applicable.


Obligation to the Individual and Society
Professionals advocate the importance of recreation, leisure and play by supporting equal opportunity and personal choice. Professionals are loyal and committed to the well being and confidentiality of the individual being served by practicing informed consent and seeking permission prior to releasing information. The purpose, results and implications of practice are explained to the individual, striving to maintain their safety and well being in a client centered approach.


Responsibilities to Colleagues and the Profession
Professionals practice mutual respect and work cooperatively for the benefit of those they serve. They practice professional and moral conduct in dealing with ethical issues.  Professionals seek to improve the professions body of knowledge through ethical research and clinical teaching.