Vanguard Award Recipients

The Vanguard Award celebrates the successes of those who have been working in the Therapeutic Recreation field for a period of more than five years. The following are recipients of the Vanguard Award:

femaleavatar rhonda booth 20110125 1834983084 femaleavatar
Crystal Watson
2008 Recipient
Rhonda Booth
2009 Recipient
Dawn MacDonald
2010 Recipient
 maleavatar  femaleavatar andrea waters 2013 vanguard award recepient 20130508 1934177936 

Alex Chandler

2011 Recipient

Rhonda MacLean

2012 Recipient

Andrea Waters

2013 Recipient 






Vanguard Award 2014 



 Dana Mills

2014 Recipient

Jacqueline Connors

2015 Recipient 

Kevin Stairs
2016 Recipient